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5 Best Bike Colors

There are many different colors that bikes come available in, and it can often be difficult deciding which one to go for when looking at buying one.

Today though we’ll be helping you make that decision by taking a look at the 5 best bike colors, let’s get right into it. 

  1. Black
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Yellow
  5. Rainbow

1. Black 

Possibly the most obvious choice when it comes to buying a bike, but there is many good reason as to why the color black is so popular. The first one being that it is often the standard colorway that expensive bikes come painted in, this can sometimes mean that a bike is cheaper than in any other color. 

Whilst saving money is important, it shouldn’t be your first thought when buying a bike so make sure you choose the color you want rather than one that is given to you.

Black may well be this color though and the next reason that it is a good choice is that it is very easy to clean. Mud doesn’t stain black as much as other colors (especially white) and is therefore less likely to leave marks on your trusty steed. 

There are plenty of professional teams that used black bikes, which isn’t a surprise. The best of the black bikes used in the pro peloton has to be the one’s utilized by Movistar team; the Spanish outfit have a lovely black and blue colorway to their specialized produced bikes.

This is a color that would look good on any bike though it must be said. 

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2. Green 

The next color on our list is green and this is a color that has its roots in the Tour de France. The color is what is worn by the leader of the points classification in the race and as such has become synonymous with riding fast, making it a popular choice for fans that want to recreate the exploits of their favourite sprinter on their local roads. 

There are many different shades of green that you can paint your bike and each one is good for different kinds of bike.

For example, a darker shade of green is ideal to use on a mountain bike as it will help you feel more connected to the terrain that you’re riding on (especially if you like tearing it up in a forest setting). 

As far as companies that produce green bikes go, most of the major brands now tailor for this color; however, if you want the ultimate shade of green for a bike then a Cannondale is your best bet.

The company is known for producing green bikes and even used to make the rides for the now defunct Cannondale Pro Team that the legendary Peter Sagan used to ride for. 

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3. Blue

For me, this is the color I would go for when choosing a bike. To be more specific, I would go with a navy blue or ocean blue shade rather than a lighter color that simply doesn’t have the same impact.

Blue is a classic color that may seem like a rather basic choice to make, but it is the ideal color to blend with other to make a multi-colored bike that stands out from the rest. 

There are many professional teams that currently ride with blue bikes, most notably the Quickstep – Alpha Vinyl squad. The Belgian outfit have long had a navy-blue color scheme and would be simply unrecognizable without it. 

Whilst you may not be able to replicate the colors of famous jerseys, you can actually purchase the exact models that the teams use in many cases. Specialized produce the bikes for this team, but other brands such as Bianchi offer their traditional blue colorways as standard. 

Blue is the best color for if you want your ride to look classy and sleek, whilst still having the added pop that colors such as black and white cannot give a bike. 

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4. Yellow 

Another color that has its roots in the Tour de France, yellow is of course the color of the winner’s jersey for the famous race. When a rider takes the yellow jersey at the race they are permitted to deck themselves out in all things yellow, including their bike.

Many top manufactures have models ready and waiting in the color just in case one of their riders takes the lead at the race. 

The Tour de France is obviously the most famous bike race in the world, with millions of people watching on TV and from the roadside each year. This makes the color one of the most sought after by fans as they want to see what they would look like in the lead at the Tour de France.

Many bike companies do not offer their bikes in this shade of yellow though as many see it as a disrespect to the actual winner of the race, though the riders don’t really care if they see someone out wearing the jersey or riding a yellow bike.

With this in mind, you may have to pain the bike yourself or take it to your nearest bike shop in order to get the shade of yellow you want on it. 

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5. Rainbow

The final color on our list isn’t really a color, but more so a collection of colors that are worn by any world champion after they take the win in their discipline. With this in mind, the rainbow (and white) bike is not a common choice amongst regular consumers as they don’t want to be seen to be imitating the world champion of the sport.

The current road race world champion Remco Evenepoel has recently had his white and rainbow bike unveiled and this is the only one permitted in the peloton. The time trial world champion can also have a rainbow TT bike, though this can only be used in the discipline that they are the world champions in.

As a color, rainbow may not the most appealing for many people as it can come across as rather garish, despite this the color is sought after for its prestige above anything else. Riders and fans love to race with a level of prestige on their bike. 

Personally, I love the idea of racing on a bike emblazoned with the world champion stripes, however, I would need to win a race of that level first (and that is never going to happen). 

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