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How Much Do Toyota Cars Weigh? (All Models)

Toyota has a reputation for being sturdy and dependable, providing its customers with long-lasting cars. This perception of solidity is reflected in the weight of their vehicles. So, how heavy are Toyota cars?

The average weight of a Toyota is 3,847 lbs (1,745 kg). The lightest offering is the Toyota GR86 at 2,811 lbs (1,275 kg), and the heaviest model is the Toyota Sequoia at 5,620 lbs (2,549 kg). Toyota’s are slightly lighter than the average car.

Toyota has an expansive offering with numerous options. Their 2023 lineup includes 14 favorites.

The Weight Of Toyota Cars

Toyota’s 2023 offerings have some head-turners. They’re also offering many models with hybrid alternatives in addition to their EV and revolutionary hydrogen fuel cell.

The current lineup of Toyotas includes the following models:

Toyota ModelCurb Weight
4Runner4,400lbs (1,995 kg)
bZ4X EV4,266 lbs (1,935 kg)
Camry Hybrid3,480 lbs (1,578 kg)
Corolla2,955 lbs (4,756 kg)
Crown Hybrid3,098 lbs (1,405 kg)
GR862,811 lbs (1,275 kg)
GR Supra3,181 lbs (1,442 kg)
Highlander Hybrid4,465 lbs (2,025 kg)
Mirai Hydrogen powered EV4,255 lbs (1,930 kg)
Prius Hybrid3,097 lbs (1,405 kg)
RAV4 Hybrid3,775 lbs (1,712 kg)
Sequoia Hybrid5,620 lbs (2,549 kg)
Sienna Hybrid4,610 lbs (2,091 kg)
Venza Hybrid3,847 lbs (1,744 kg)

Altogether, the average weight of a Toyota is 3,847 lbs (1,745 kg).

See below to take an in-depth look at the models.

Toyota 4Runner

The Toyota 4Runner continues to offer excellent performance. Three offerings to consider are:

  • SR5
  • Limited
  • TRD Pro
TrimCurb Weight
4Runner SR54,400 lbs (1,995 kg)
4Runner Ltd4,525 (2,052 kg)
4Runner TRD Pro4,750 (2,154 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota BZ4X

Toyota’s bZ4x is the brand’s big step into EV territory rather than a hybrid. Two offerings to consider:

  • XLE
  • Limited
TrimCurb Weight
BZ4X XLE4,266 lbs (1,935 kg)
BZ4X Ltd4,398 lbs (1,995 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

EngineSingle electric motorSingle electric motor
Maximum Power201 hp201 hp
Top Speed99 mph (160 km/h)99 mph (160 km/h)
Max Towing1,500 lbs (680 kg)1,500 lbs (680 kg)
Level 2 Charging Time9.5 hours9.5 hours
EPA-estimated range252 mi (405 km)242 mi (389 km)

Toyota Camry

Toyota continues to offer its classic Camry. Aside from its low weight, it’s the Toyota car with the least horsepower (118 hp).

Including hybrids:

  • LE Hybrid
  • XSE Hybrid
  • XLE Hybrid
TrimCurb Weight
Camry LE Hybrid3,480 lbs (1,578 kg)
Camry XSE Hybrid3,580 lbs (1,624 kg)
Camry XLE Hybrid3565 lbs (1,617 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has become synonymous with affordable dependability. Three Corollas to consider are:

  • LE
  • Hybrid SE
  • XSE
SpecsCurb Weight
Corolla LE2,955 lbs (4,756 kg)
Corolla Hybrid SE2,850 lbs (1,293 kg)
Corolla XSE3,150 lbs (5,069 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Crown

The Toyota Crown is adored for its mid-sized luxury. Three key hybrid models for 2023 are:

  • XLE
  • Limited
  • Platinum
TrimCurb Weight
Crown XLE3,098 lbs (1,405 kg)
Crown Limited3,980 lbs (1,405 kg)
Crown Platinum4,343 lbs (1,970 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota GR86

The GR86 has been giving people good times for a decade. Three versions of the sports car to consider are:

  • GR86
  • GR86 Premium
  • GR86 10th Anniversary
TrimCurb Weight
GR862,811 lbs (1,275 kg)
GR86 Premium2,868 lbs (1,300 kg)
GR86 10th Anniversary2,833 lbs (1,285 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota GR Supra

The GR Supra remains a thrill to own, regardless if you are driving:

  • 2.0
  • 3.0
  • 3.0 Premium
TrimCurb Weight
GR Supra 2.03,181 lbs (1,442 kg)
GR Supra 3.03,400 lbs (1,542 kg)
GR Supra 3.0 Platinum3,400 lbs (1,542 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Highlander

The 2023 Highlander is seeing some changes, with hybrids front and center and the gas guzzler’s standard V-6 being swapped for a 2.4-liter four-cylinder. The main three to look out for are:

  • Hybrid LE
  • XLE
  • Hybrid XLE
TrimCurb Weight
Highlander Hybrid LE4,465 lbs (2,025 kg)
Highlander XLE4,376 lbs (1,984 kg)
Highlander Hybrid XLE4,365lbs (1,979 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Mirai

The Toyota Mirai is a refined, luxurious ride with a state-of-the-art EV powered by a hydrogen fuel tank that combines oxygen from the air to create electricity. The two main models are:

  • XLE
  • Limited
TrimCurb Weight
Mirai XLE4,255 lbs (1,930 kg)
Mirai Limited4,335 lbs (1,966 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

SpecsMirai XLEMirai Limited
Curb Weight4,255 lbs (1,930 kg)4,335 lbs (1,966 kg)
EngineFuel Cell System w/ Single SpeedFuel Cell System w/ Single Speed
Maximum Power182 hp182 hp
Top Speed111 mph (178 km/h)111 mph (178 km/h)
Acceleration 0-60 Mph9.2 seconds9.2 seconds
Range402 mi (646 km)357 mi (574 km)

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid has been “reborn” with a sporty makeover and technological upgrade. It’s the most fuel-efficient Toyota car available.

The three main models are:

  • LE
  • XLE
  • Limited
TrimCurb Weight
Prius LE3,097 lbs (1,405 kg)
Prius XLE3,164 lbs(1,435 kg)
Prius Limited3,219 lbs (3,219 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota RAV4

The 2023 RAV4 looks ready to hold its title as America’s favorite crossover. Three models to check out:

  • Hybrid Woodland Edition
  • TRD Off-Road
  • Hybrid XSE
TrimCurb WeightMax Towing
RAV4 Hybrid Woodland Edition3,775 lbs (1,712 kg)3,500 lbs (1,588 kg)
RAV4 TRD Off-Road3,615 lbs(1,639 kg)3,500 lbs (1,588 kg)
RAV4 Hybrid XSE3,775 lbs (1,712 kg)1,750 lbs (794 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Sequoia

The Toyota Sequoia has retained its Tundra pickup truck platform and updated everything else. It is now only available as a hybrid, such as these three models:

  • SR5
  • Limited
  • Platinum
TrimCurb Weight
Sequoia SR55,620 lbs (2,549 kg)
Sequoia Limited5,855 lbs (2,656 kg)
Sequoia Platinum5,855 lbs (2,656 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Sienna

It is the 25th anniversary of the Sienna, which is in its third year of being hybrid-only. This brawny minivan is also an excellent choice if you need a wheelchair-accessible conversion. Three top choices include:

  • LE (8 Passenger)
  • 25th Anniversary Edition (7 Passenger)
  • XSE (7 Passenger)
TrimCurb WeightMax Towing
Sienna LE4,610 lbs (2,091 kg)3,500 lbs (1,587 kg)
Sienna 25th Anniv4,675 lbs (2,120 kg)3,500 lbs (1,587 kg)
Sienna XSE4,675 lbs (2,120 kg)3,500 lbs (1,587 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Toyota Venza

The Venza is a more affordable hybrid SUV option for buyers that find the RAV4 eyewatering. Honestly, it’s essentially the same vehicle under the hood, so being kind to your bank account isn’t costing you any punch. The main three to look at are:

  • LE
  • Nightshade Edition
  • Limited
TrimCurb Weight
Venza LE3,847 lbs (1,744 kg)
Venza Nightshade3,891 lbs (1,765 kg)
Venza Limited3,913 lbs (1,773 kg)

Additional Performance Specs:

Comparing Toyota Weight To Other Car Brands

Toyota may be leaning into the hybrid and EV scene. But as their weight shows, there is nothing flimsy about them. But the new technology will help you save money at the pump.

With the average Toyota weighing 3,847 lbs, it’s very close to the average weight of all cars at around 4,000 lbs.

For some context to this number, here’s the weight of some other famous car brands:

BrandAverage Weight
Ford4,482 lbs (2,033 kg)
Porsche4,387 lbs (1,990 kg)
BMW4,276 lbs (1,939 kg)
Volkswagen3,737 lbs (1,695 kg)
Lamborghini3,730 lbs (1,692 kg)
Kia3,525 lbs (1,599 kg)
Nissan3,430 lbs (1,556 kg)
Hyundai3,405 lbs (1,544 kg)
Toyota3,847 lbs (1,745 kg)

As shown in the table, Toyota is the 4th heaviest car brand out of these nine car brands.