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Fuel Capacity & Consumption Of A Toyota

Toyota, founded in Japan in 1937, is globally recognized as the best-selling and most popular car brand. Over the decades, it has reached unparalleled heights of success.

The company is best known for its safe and reliable vehicles, with Toyota’s leaders increasingly shifting their attention to environmental issues such as fuel capacity and consumption. 

The average fuel consumption of a Toyota is 31.4 MPG, and the average fuel capacity is 19.3 gallons. The most fuel-efficient model is the Toyota Prius Eco, and the Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon 4WD has the worst fuel economy. Toyota is one of the most fuel-efficient vehicle brands in the world.

But how good is the fuel economy of each model? That’s what we will go through in this article.

Toyota Fuel Capacity & Consumption – All Models

If you bought a Toyota or currently own one of their car models, it is crucial to note how big their fuel tanks are and what milage per gallon you can expect.

The fuel tank size and the average distance a car can travel on a gallon of gas is important metrics as they will directly influence your monthly fuel bill (and of course the climate).

Here are all the Toyota model’s fuel consumption and capacity, divided into the following vehicle categories:

  • Sedan Models
  • SUV Models
  • Midsized SUV Models
  • Adventure SUVs & Pickup Trucks
  • Hatchback & Hybrid Models

Toyota Sedan Models

Fuel Consumption

ModelCombined MPG (City/Highway)Gallons/100 Miles
Toyota GR Supra25 (22/30)4.0
Toyota Corolla 1.8l Automatic33 (30/38)3.0
Toyota Corolla 1.8l 6 Speed Manual33 (29/39)3.0
Toyota Xle32 (29/37)3.1
Toyota Corolla Hybrid52 (53/52)1.9
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Manual34 (31/40)2.9
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Automatic32 (29/36)3.1
Toyota Corolla XSE34 (31/38)2.9
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Hatchback 6-Speed Manual31 (28/37)3.2
Toyota  Corolla 2.0l Automatic35 (32/41)2.9
Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE33 (30/38)3.0

Fuel Capacity

ModelFuel Capacity (Gallons)
Toyota GR Supra16
Toyota Corolla 1.8l Automatic15.6
Toyota Corolla 1.8l 6 Speed Manual15.6
Toyota Xle18
Toyota Corolla Hybrid15
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Manual15.6
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Automatic15.6
Toyota Corolla XSE16
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Hatchback 6-Speed Manual16.5
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Automatic16.5
Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE16.5

Toyota SUV Models

Fuel Consumption

ModelCombined MPG (City/Highway)Gallons/100 Miles
Toyota Rav4 Prime 4wd38 (43/33)2.6
Toyota Prius52 (54/50)1.9
Toyota Prius AWD49 (51/47)2.0
Toyota Prius Eco56 (58/53)1.8
Toyota Prius Prime54 (56/52)1.9
Toyota Venza Awd39 (40/37)2.6
Toyota Avalon Xle26 (22/32)3.8
Toyota Avalon25 (22/31)4.0
Toyota Avalon Hybrid43 (43/43)2.3
Toyota Avalon Hybrid XLE44 (43/44)2.3
Toyota Avalon Awd28 (25/34)3.6
Toyota Avalon Trd25 (21/30)4.0
Toyota Rav 430 (27/35)3.3
Toyota Rav 4 Awd29 (27/33)3.4
Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid AWD28 (25/33)3.6
Toyota 4runner 2wd28 (25/32)3.6
Toyota Rav 4 Awd Le30 (27/34)3.3
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD40 (41/38)2.5

Fuel Capacity

ModelFuel Capacity (Gallons)
Toyota Rav4 Prime 4wd18.5
Toyota Prius15
Toyota Prius AWD15
Toyota Prius Eco15
Toyota Prius Prime15
Toyota Venza Awd18.5
Toyota Avalon Xle21
Toyota Avalon18.5
Toyota Avalon Hybrid18.5
Toyota Avalon Hybrid XLE18.5
Toyota Avalon Awd21
Toyota Avalon Trd21
Toyota Rav 418.5
Toyota Rav 4 Awd21
Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid AWD15

Toyota Midsized SUV Models

Fuel Consumption

ModelCombined MPG (City/Highway)Gallons/100 Miles
Toyota 4runner 2wd17 (16/19)5.6
Toyota 4runner 4wd17 (16/19)5.9
Toyota GR Supra 2.0l28 (25/32)3.6
Toyota C-Hr29 (27/31)3.4

Fuel Capacity

ModelFuel Capacity (Gallons)
Toyota 4runner 2wd23
Toyota Rav 4 Awd Le22
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD23
Toyota 4runner 2wd22
Toyota 4runner 4wd22
Toyota GR Supra 2.0l18.5
Toyota C-Hr18.5

Toyota Adventure SUV And Pickup Truck Models

Fuel Consumption

ModelCombined MPG (City/Highway)Gallons/100 Miles
Toyota Tundra 2wd15 (13/17)6.7
Toyota Tundra 4wd14 (13/17)7.1
Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon 4WD14 (13/17)7.1
Toyota Tacoma 2wd21 (19/24)4.8
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Manual21 (20/23)4.8
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Automatic20 (18/22)5.0

Fuel Capacity

ModelFuel Capacity (Gallons)
Toyota Tundra 2wd25
Toyota Tundra 4wd25
Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon 4WD25
Toyota Tacoma 2wd25
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Manual25
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Automatic25

Toyota Hatchback And Hybrid Models

Fuel Consumption

ModelCombined MPG (City/Highway)Gallons/100 Miles
Toyota Highlander23 (20/28)4.3
Toyota Highlander Hybrid24 (21/29)4.2
Toyota Highlander AWD24 (21/29)4.2
Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD36 (36/35)2.8
Toyota Sequoia15 (13/17)6.7
Toyota Sequoia 4WD14 (13/17)7.1
Toyota Corolla Apex34 (31/38)2.9
Toyota Camry26 (22/33)3.8
Toyota Camry TRD25 (22/31)4.0
Toyota Camry XSE26 (22/32)3.8
Toyota Camry Le/Se32 (28/39)3.1
Toyota Xle/Xse31 (27/38)3.2
Toyota Camry Hybrid Le52 (51/53)1.9
Toyota Hybrid Se/Xle/Xse46 (44/47)2.2
Toyota Camry Awd Le/Se29 (25/34)3.4
Toyota Sienna Hybrid28 (25/34)3.6

Fuel Capacity

ModelFuel Capacity (Gallons)
Toyota Highlander20
Toyota Highlander Hybrid20
Toyota Highlander AWD20
Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD20
Toyota Sequoia18.5
Toyota Sequoia 4WD18.5
Toyota Corolla Apex18.5
Toyota Camry18.5
Toyota Camry TRD18.5
Toyota Camry XSE18.5
Toyota Camry Le/Se18.5
Toyota Camry Xle/Xse21
Toyota Camry Hybrid Le23
Toyota Hybrid Se/Xle/Xse23
Toyota Camry Awd Le/Se23
Toyota Sienna Hybrid18.5

Is Toyota’s Fuel Consumption & Capacity Good?

Despite producing some of the biggest cars on the road, Toyota’s fuel consumption and capacity remain incredible. 

Throughout the smaller Toyota model lineup, the average fuel consumption is outstanding. Small Toyota models are the envy of most of their rivals.

However, due to the decades-long head start, the company maintains its position on top of global emission and fuel economy statistics. 

If we compare Toyota’s fuel economy with some other famous car brands, it’s pretty impressive:

BrandAverage Fuel ConsumptionAverage Fuel Capacity
BMW25 MPG21 gallons
Nissan25 MPG18.1 gallons
Kia30.5 MPG15.8 gallons
Hyundai37 MPG17.8 gallons
Ford27 MPG22.1 gallons
Toyota31.4 MPG19.3 gallons

As shown in the table, only Hyundais have better fuel economy than Toyota.

Toyota – A Leader In Fuel Efficiency

Over the previous decade, Toyota has continued improving its general fuel economy and capacity throughout its range. Some of the most dramatic fuel economy enhancements can be found within the company’s bigger models, such as the Tacoma. 

Despite Toyota making some of the largest pickup trucks currently available in global markets, the car company has managed to maintain its reputation for using less gas per mile than its closest competitors. 

It is well known that over the last decade, car companies globally have faced severe scrutiny from regulators, governments, and climate activists. While some car companies chose to challenge their detractors in court, Toyota has implemented the opposite approach. 

The Japanese car company decided to focus on fuel-conscious cars, with Toyota being famous for producing one of the first hybrid cars ever known as the Prius. The hybrid Prius model faced constant criticism after it was publicly launched. 

However, Toyota was ahead of its time, with most major international car companies following suit by directing company resources into engine technology development to decrease the amount of fuel used by each of their cars.

While other car companies have been playing catch up over the last decade, Toyota has extended its industry lead in hybrid vehicle development. 

Over the coming years, Toyota’s engine technology will continue developing and refining, which should further engrain the Japanese car company’s industry-leading position.

I listed the weight of all the available Toyota models here and the horsepower of all their cars in this post.