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How Much Horsepower Does A Toyota Have?

Horsepower is an enormously important metric for potential Toyota car buyers. An engine’s output is measured in either torque or horsepower, which are vital indications of how the vehicle will perform under different conditions.

This article will demonstrate the horsepower, performance, and torque of all current Toyota car models. 

The average horsepower of a Toyota is 229 hp. The highest horsepower model is the Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon 4WD at 409 hp, and the Toyota with the least horsepower is the Toyota Camry Hybrid Le at 118 hp.

Toyota cars are revered for their durability, ruggedness, and simplicity. While Toyota’s are not exclusively known for their power, all their cars have enough horsepower, torque, and performance to satisfy their owners.

To thoroughly understand how much torque and horsepower your Toyota has, continue reading this article. 

Toyota Horsepower – All Models

Before purchasing your Toyota, ensure the car has enough horsepower for its intended usage.

Less horsepower is sufficient if you require a small car for local commutes. However, additional horsepower and torque are necessary if you want to use your Toyota for heavy-duty purposes. 

Here’s the horsepower of all the available Toyota models.

Toyota Sedan Models

ModelHorsepower (HP)Torque (lb.-ft)
Toyota GR Supra382268
Toyota Corolla 1.8l Automatic139126
Toyota Corolla 1.8l 6 Speed Manual139126
Toyota Xle169151
Toyota Corolla Hybrid121105
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Manual169151
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Automatic169151
Toyota Corolla XSE169151
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Hatchback 6-Speed Manual169151
Toyota Corolla 2.0l Automatic169151
Toyota Corolla Hatchback XSE168150

Toyota SUV Models

ModelHorsepower (HP)Torque (lb.-ft)
Toyota Rav4 Prime 4wd177165
Toyota Prius121105
Toyota Prius AWD121105
Toyota Prius Eco121105
Toyota Prius Prime121105
Toyota Venza Awd176163
Toyota Avalon Xle301267
Toyota Avalon301267
Toyota Avalon Hybrid301267
Toyota Avalon Hybrid XLE301267
Toyota Avalon Awd301267
Toyota Avalon Trd301267
Toyota Rav 4203184
Toyota Rav 4 Awd203184
Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid AWD219163
Toyota 4runner 2wd270278
Toyota Rav 4 Awd Le203184

Midsized Toyota SUV Models

ModelHorsepower (HP)Torque (lb.-ft)
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid AWD219163
Toyota 4runner 2wd270278
Toyota 4runner 4wd270278
Toyota GR Supra 2.0l382368
Toyota C-Hr144139

Toyota Adventure SUV And Pickup Truck Models

ModelHorsepower (HP)Torque (lb.-ft)
Toyota Tundra 2wd389479
Toyota Tundra 4wd389479
Toyota Land Cruiser Wagon 4WD409479
Toyota Tacoma 2wd159180
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Manual159180
Toyota Tacoma 4WD Automatic159180

Toyota Hatchback And Hybrid Models

ModelHorsepower (HP)Torque (lb.-ft)
Toyota Highlander295263
Toyota Highlander Hybrid243175
Toyota Highlander AWD295263
Toyota Highlander Hybrid AWD295263
Toyota Sequoia381401
Toyota Sequoia 4WD381401
Toyota Corolla Apex169151
Toyota Camry206186
Toyota Camry TRD206186
Toyota Camry XSE206186
Toyota Camry Le/Se176163
Toyota Xle/Xse176163
Toyota Camry Hybrid Le118149
Toyota Hybrid Se/Xle/Xse208163
Toyota Camry Awd Le/Se176163
Toyota Sienna Hybrid189176

Horsepower’s Role In Choosing a Car

A car’s horsepower and torque are vital measurements for any potential car owner to consider before purchasing their vehicle.

Cars with a lot of horsepower will enable the driver to accelerate faster. At the same time, a vehicle with sufficient torque will allow the driver to effortlessly carry more than five passengers and tow a large amount of cargo.

Smaller Toyota cars such as the Corolla or Prius have smaller engines, producing less horsepower than some of their bigger counterparts. These models are not intended to carry more than five passengers or heavy tow loads, meaning a lower horsepower and torque rating is appropriate.

Conversely, some bigger Toyota car models, such as the Land Cruiser and Tundra, have extensive horsepower and torque. These models require additional horsepower and torque for their intended utilizations, such as towing heavy trailer loads and more than five passengers simultaneously.

Do Toyota Cars Offer Enough Horsepower?

The average horsepower of a Toyota is 229. But how good is that number? To add some context to this number, let’s compare Toyota’s horsepower to some of its competitors.

Here’s the average horsepower of the following car brands:

Car BrandAverage Horsepower
Hyundai198 hp
Kia226 hp
Nissan291 hp
Ford342 hp
BMW392 hp
Toyota229 hp

As you can see, Toyota is definitely on the lower side of the spectrum regarding horsepower.

However, all Toyota vehicles have sufficient horsepower and torque for their intended purposes, with the car-making giant being admired for their engine designs and capabilities.

Suppose you need a Toyota vehicle for work purposes. In that case, the company offers an extensive lineup of cars with enormous torque, meaning it easily tows heavy cargo over long distances or up steep hills without straining the engine.

Conversely, most people purchase a family-sized Toyota for work and school runs. These models, such as the Corolla, Prius, or the all-wheel drive Venza, have less power than Toyota’s other larger car models.

However, less power and torque do not devalue the car, as the engine’s output is more than sufficient for its intended utilization.

It is known that Toyota cars are associated with high value for money, durability, ruggedness, and power. But Toyota also manufactures some of the most sophisticated cars currently seen on the roads, meaning that you are unlikely to regret purchasing any of their vehicles.

I listed the weight of all the available Toyota models here and the fuel economy of all their cars in this post.