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How Much Do Ford Cars Weigh? (All Models)

Ford produces a dizzying array of high-quality vehicles for every kind of driver. If you are considering purchasing a car made by the legendary US brand, it is worth considering the vehicle’s weight.

The average Ford car weighs 4482 lbs (2033 kg). The heaviest model is the Ford Super Duty F-450 at 8280 lbs (3756 kg), and the lightest model is the Ford Fiesta 3-door at 2566 lbs (1164 kg)

The following compilation of Ford’s latest models and their weights will give you a clear understanding of the technical but crucial question.

What Is The Weight Of Ford Models?

Determining how much Ford cars weigh is challenging due to the dozens of models, series, and technical specifications.

The most common measurement for motor vehicle weights is called base curb weight. Base curb weight indicates how much it weighs without passengers or luggage but with all engine fluids and a full fuel tank.

Here is a summary of the base curb weight in pounds (lb) for the latest Ford models. 

Ford EcoSport

The EcoSport is a popular compact SUV from Ford. The weight of the EcoSport is seen in the table below.

EcoSport SeriesBase Curb Weight (lbs)
EcoSport S3300
EcoSport SE3300
EcoSport SES3300
EcoSport Titanium3300


The Ford Escape is a powerful SUV. These are the series versions of the Escape model:

  • Base,
  • Active,
  • ST-Line,
  • ST-Line Select,
  • ST-Line Elite,
  • Platinum,
  • Plug-In Hybrid.

The weight of the Escape varies depending on the engine design and transmission configuration, as the following table indicates.

Escape Engine and TransmissionBase Curb Weight (lbs)
2.5L iVCT Hybrid FWD3534
2.5L iVCT Hybrid AWD3668
2.5L iVCT Plug-In Hybrid FWD3870
1.5L EcoBoost FWD3298
1.5L EcoBoost AWD3474
2.0L  EcoBoost AWD3566


The Ford Bronco is a medium-sized, potent SUV available in these series:

  • Base,
  • Big Bend,
  • Black Diamond,
  • Outer Banks,
  • Badlands,
  • Wildtrack.

All Bronco series weight ratings differ according to the engine and gear type and the number of doors.

Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport is a more modern version of the Bronco with slightly smaller engine options. Ford offers the Bronco Sport in several versions:

  • Base,
  • Big Bend,
  • Outer Banks,
  • Heritage,
  • Heritage Limited,
  • Badlands.

The weight of the Bronco Sport differs according to the selected engine design.

Bronco Sport Engine TypeBase Curb Weight (lbs)
1.5L EcoBoost3467
2.0L EcoBoost3707


Ford’s Explorer model is another of the brand’s muscular SUVs. The Explorer is available in these series:

  • Base,
  • XLT,
  • ST,
  • ST-LINE,
  • Timberline,
  • Limited,
  • Platinum,
  • King Ranch.

Here is the weight rating for the Explorer.

Ford ModelBase Curb Weight (lbs)
Explorer (all series)4345


The Edge model is from the Ford SUV range. Ford produces this sleek model in the following series:

  • SE,
  • SEL,
  • ST-Line,
  • Titanium.

The following figures indicate the weight ratings for each Edge series.

Edge SeriesBase Curb Weight (lbs)


The Expedition is one of Ford’s heaviest SUVs. Ford makes this model in 9 series versions:

  • XL STX,
  • XLT,
  • XLT MAX,
  • Timberline MAX,
  • King Ranch,
  • King Ranch MAX,
  • Limited,
  • Limited MAX,
  • Platinum,
  • Platinum MAX.

Here are the weights for the Expedition (including MAX versions), which differ depending on their drivetrains.

Expedition Drivetrain OptionsBase Curb Weight (lbs)
Expedition 4×25368
Expedition 4×45623
Expedition MAX 4×25534
Expedition MAX 4×45794


The Ranger is the kind of pickup truck Ford is renowned for producing. Ford’s new Ranger model is available in these series:

  • XL,
  • XLT,
  • Lariat.

The weight of the Ranger varies according to the drivetrain and cab style.

Ranger Cab StyleBase Curb Weight (lbs)
SuperCab 4×24145
SuperCab 4×44232
SuperCrew 4×24354
SuperCrew 4×44441
Tremor SuperCrew 4×44571

Mustang Mach-E

Ford’s Mustang Mach-E is a high-performance SUV.

The weight of the Mustang Mach-E differs from the series and drivetrain layout, as shown in the table below.

Mustang Mach-E Model and Drivetrain OptionsBase Curb Weight (lbs)
Select –  Standard Range RWD4318
Select – Standard Range AWD4498
GT – Standard Range RWD4962
GT Performance Edition – Standard Range RWD4989
Premium – Standard Range RWD4318
Premium – Standard Range AWD4498
Premium – Extended Range RWD4647
Premium – Extended Range AWD4838
California Route 1 – Extended Range RWD4647


The Ford Maverick is another of the brand’s burly pickup trucks. Ford produces the Maverick in three different versions or series:

  • XL,
  • XLT,
  • Lariat.

The weight of the Maverick model differs according to specific engine and transmission design options. You can see the weight rating in the following table. 

Maverick Engine and DrivetrainBase Curb Weight (lbs)
2.5L Hybrid – FWD3674
2.0L EcoBoost – FWD3563
2.0L EcoBoost – AWD3731


Ford’s Mustang upholds the classic muscle road car’s legacy. This model is offered in these series:

The weight rating for the Mustang differs for the various engine types, transmission systems, and body styles.

Transit Connect

The Transit Connect is a widely-sold commercial utility vehicle from Ford. The company offers the model in these series:

  • XL Cargo Van,
  • XLT Cargo Van,
  • XL Passenger Wagon,
  • XLT Passenger Wagon,
  • Titanium Passenger Wagon.

Here are the Transit Connect Cargo Van weights.


The Ford E-Transit is an electric hybrid utility van. Ford produces three versions of the E-Transit:

  • Cargo Van,
  • Cutaway Van,
  • Chassis Cab Van.

The weights for the E-Transit Cutaway and Chassis Cab are not available, so here is the weight of the E-Transit Cargo Van for the various length and roof height options.


The Lightning from Ford is a large and potent pickup truck. Drivers can choose from these series:

  • Pro,
  • Platinum,
  • XLT,
  • Lariat.

The table below provides the weight ratings for the Lightning model.

Lightning SeriesBase Curb Weight (lbs)

Super Duty

The Super Duty is Ford’s heaviest heavy-duty pickup truck, which is available in six series (with each being available in an F-250, F-350, and F-450 version):

  • XL,
  • XLT,
  • Lariat,
  • King Ranch,
  • Platinum,
  • Limited.

Here are the minimum and maximum weight ranges for each of the Super Duty 2022 versions (F-350, F-450, and F-450 versions).

Super Duty Version and SpecsBase Curb Weight (lbs)
F-250 – 6.2L, Regular Cab, 4×25677
F-250 – 6.7L, SuperCab, 4×47273
F-350 – 6.2L, Regular Cab, 4×25877
F-350 – 6.7L, Crew Cab, 4×48133
F-450 – 6.7L, Regular Cab, 4×48012
F-450 – 6.7L, Crew Cab, 4×28282


The Ford Fiesta is the smallest and most lightweight car the company produces. Its weights are presented below for each of the model’s engine options.

Fiesta 3-Door ST – Engine TypeBase Curb Weight (lbs)
1.0L Ti-VCT 75 PS2619
1.0L EcoBoost Hybrid 100 PS2566
1.0L EcoBoost Hybrid 125 PS2636
1.0L EcoBoost Hybrid 155 PS2641
1.0L EcoBoost Hybrid 200 PS2793


With the average Ford car weighing in at 4482 lbs, few brands weigh more on average (if any).

For context, here are some other famous car brands and their average weight:

As you can see, out of all these car brands, Ford produces the heaviest cars.

Ford’s lightest model is the Fiesta 3-Door, which has a minimum base curb weight of 2566lb and the heaviest model is the Super Duty F-450, which has a maximum weight of 8282lb.