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7 Reasons Why Ferrari Is So Expensive

Ferraris are some of the world’s most expensive cars, with most starting to retail at $200,000 and only going up. So, you may be wondering why Ferraris cost this much.

Here are 7 reasons why Ferrari is so expensive.

1. It Is A Famous Brand

When you purchase a Ferrari, you buy much more than just a car. You are purchasing a status symbol and a guarantee of excellence.

Ferraris epitomize speed, elegance, and money. They are not available to anyone, only the extremely wealthy can afford them. All of this makes Ferrari a symbol of wealth and success.

Therefore, when you buy a Ferrari, you are not paying only for the high-quality workmanship, the expensive materials, and the fantastic engine. You are also paying for the brand and everything that comes with it.

If you were given a choice to buy a Ferrari or another car of similar performance and look but without a famous brand name for the same price as a Ferrari, chances are you’d pick the Ferrari.

You’d do so because there is so much associated with the Ferrari brand you get when you purchase a Ferrari.

2. Ferraris Are In Limited Supply

There is a reason why you don’t see Ferraris being driven all over the place. Beyond the extremely high price you’ll pay to buy one, which makes it affordable only for the super wealthy, there aren’t that many Ferraris around.

This scarcity is because Ferrari limits the number of cars they manufacture yearly. In 2017, Ferrari only shipped 8398 cars. As of the end of 2019, only 219,062 Ferraris had been manufactured and sold.

The low number of vehicles produced allows them to keep the prices high, as scarcity increases demand, which leads to a price increase.

While Ferrari is an exclusive brand, there are brands that are even more expensive, like Bugatti, and that’s because it only exists around 1,000 Bugattis in the world. It’s a recurring theme among all expensive car brands – exclusively sells.

Furthermore, it also allows them to pay careful attention to every car they make to ensure that it matches the Ferrari standard.

3. The Cars Are Expertly Manufactured

While almost all parts are completely machine-made, the entire production process of crafting a Ferrari from start to finish is not done solely by machines.

Certain parts of the car are assembled by hand with the assistance of machines. Some elements of the assembly line, like when the car is painted, are done by a machine and then sprayed again by hand to ensure that it is perfect and that the paint has reached everywhere it needs to.

Older Ferrari models were known to be unreliable, but the modern Ferraris are very reliable and a lot of that comes to expertise.

When a part is made, it is also closely inspected by the experts working in Ferrari’s factory. This quality control ensures that every component that goes onto a Ferrari is of the highest quality.

The combination of state-of-the-art technology and a highly skilled workforce who don’t solely rely on technology to help build the car means the production costs per car are high. The level of skills involved means that the starting point of what Ferrari needs to sell their car to make a profit is already high.

4. Manufacturing Materials Are Expensive

Beyond being carefully crafted by expert engineers, Ferraris are made of high-quality materials.

From the carbon fiber components to the state-of-the-art engine that has to perform at high temperatures to the leather on the seats, Ferrari doesn’t stint on the best materials.

High-quality materials are expensive, and while you are paying for more than just suitable materials when you purchase a Ferrari, it is undoubtedly part of why a brand-new Ferrari will set you back so much.

5. Ferraris Are High-Performance Cars

Ferraris are fast. They’re high-performance sports cars with powerful engines and carefully sculpted exteriors to provide maximum speed and efficiency.

In terms of aerodynamics, much more work goes into shaping the exterior of a Ferrari than in your standard middle-of-the-range road car.

There is careful consideration regarding how airflow can be channeled along the outside of the car to ensure that the least drag is created.

If you want your Ferrari to be even faster so you can race with it, there are several options to make your car better equipped for high speeds around a track.

These include engine covers and filter boxes made from carbon fiber and a telemetry system that can be installed to help you record all the important data from your on-track sessions.

The engines are also magnificent feats of engineering. The 12-cylinder engine on the Ferrari 812 Superfast, Ferrari’s fastest and most powerful road-going car ever, is a force to be reckoned with. Here are some notable specifications of the engine.

Maximum PowerMaximum Speed0-62mph (0-100 km/h)Maximum TorqueMaximum Revs
789 hp211 mph (340 km/h)2.9 seconds530 lbs/ft8900 rpm

6. Ferrari Is A Luxury Brand

The brand is more than just fast cars. They are incredibly luxurious cars designed to provide the ultimate driving experience. From the leather seats to all the bells and whistles that come with the car, it’s an incredible experience.

Even in their open-topped cars, Ferrari aims to deliver a smooth driving experience. On the Ferrari 812 GTS Spider, there was a lot of focus on ensuring that passengers remained comfortable in the cockpit without being affected by the lack of a roof.

The design team carefully ensured that turbulence was minimized inside the cabin and that aerodynamic noise was reduced so that the occupants could converse normally, even at high speeds.

7. Ferrari Has A Formula 1 Team

Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari’s Formula 1 team, is the most famous team in F1 history. They have been a team in the sport since its inception, and the “Prancing Horse”, as they are fondly known, has come to epitomize the sport.

Despite their lack of on-track success in recent years, they are still a force to be reckoned with and remain every F1 driver’s dream team to drive for.

There is a reason so many children will draw a red racing car, and it’s primarily due to the team from Maranello.

All of this history and success in the pinnacle of motorsport only add to the brand. It is an indicator that they can make cars at the highest level and helps add trust and allure to the brand.