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Is Audi Considered A Luxury Car Brand?

Audi is one of the most well-known car brands in the world and has been for many years. They have produces various models over the years, but can this company be considered a luxury car brand?

Audi is a luxury car brand and is among the top luxury car brands in the world, along with Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Tesla, and other brands. Audi achieves its status as a major luxury car brand by producing beautiful, high-performance, technologically advanced, and comfortable cars.

To be termed ‘luxurious’ is sought after by many brands and not just car companies. For various reasons, the public perceives companies that are a part of the luxury category as superior to other brands.

Regarding car manufacturing, several car companies are considered to be luxury car brands, but why is Audi one of them?

Audi Is A Luxury Car Brand

There is no doubt that Audi is considered a luxury car brand. The German car manufacturer, owned by the Volkswagen Group, markets itself as a brand that pushes the limits of innovation.

You will have difficulty finding someone who disagrees, as Audi produces cars with high engine performance and advanced car technology that improves drivability and comfort.

Though there is no concrete definition of a luxury vehicle, Audi car characteristics, like elegant interiors, smooth drive, sleek exterior design, and the latest safety technology, certainly help set the standard.

What Makes Audi a Luxury Car Brand?

When people think of luxury cars, they may think of expensive leather seats that provide extreme comfort for champagne-sipping passengers.

However, though Audi cars offer superior levels of comfort compared to average cars, car luxury is defined by more than just that.

Audi is a major car company that produces various car models with different target markets. Despite this, the brand maintains a luxury status by ensuring that all its models follow fundamental principles that define car luxury.

  1. Comfortable interiors. Even compared to some other luxury car brands, Audi places greater emphasis on comfort. The combination of leather seats, heating, and ventilation, increased legroom, and a remarkable sound system contributes to the status of car luxury. 
  2. Elevated performance. Audi produces sports cars like the Audi R8 and SUVs like the Audi Q7. Despite serving different purposes, both models have been equipped with powerful engines. 
  3. Advanced technology. Audi drivers benefit from the latest technology regarding safety and entertainment. Audi cars have safety features such as assisted parking and other driver assistance technology. In addition, passengers are also treated to tremendous sound systems. 
  4. Long-standing brand. Though it is not essential for a luxury brand to have a long history, a luxury brand having a long and rich history helps portray the passion and dedication associated with its luxury status.

The great attention to detail and use of quality materials enable Audi to produce luxury cars that are superior to regular cars you see on the road daily.

Is Audi A Good Luxury Car Brand?

Unlike young luxury car brands such as Tesla, Audi is a brand with a long history that has assumed a luxury status for a long time.

Over many years, Audi has produced models that have received consistent praise for their sleek designs, technological characteristics, and strong performance.

In addition, the brand has become known for reliability and safety, two major factors that potential customers consider before buying a car. 

Is Audi More Luxurious Than BMW?

It is only natural to compare the two most popular car brands in the world when it comes to luxury. Regarding BMW and Audi, both brands have no shortages of strengths, making them both top-quality luxurious car brands.

Let us look at the brand’s similarities and differences regarding their cars.

  • The exterior design. The two brands approach their cars’ exterior designs differently. Audi uses shapes that can be considered more elegant, along with gentle curves. In contrast, BMW looks for bolder exteriors that make the cars look heavier. 
  • The car interiors. The brands’ priorities differ regarding the cars’ interiors. Audi tends to put more effort into designing their cars’ interiors than BMW. BMW is known to put more emphasis on the driving experience itself. So, it can be argued that Audi’s interior designs are generally more stylish and luxurious than that of BMWs’.
  • The engine performance. Both brands invest much time and money in designing high-performance engines. Both manufacturers equip their cars with turbochargers, though Audi does not have all its models equipped. BMW is also more well-known for its engines than Audi.
  • The car’s handling and safety. The cars’ handling generally differs as, unlike BMW, Audi prioritizes a comfortable and smooth experience characterized by stiffer suspensions. Audi’s approach to making the car more comfortable on the road makes it less agile than BMWs. Regarding safety, both brands offer top-of-the-line safety features.

Because both car manufacturers are evenly matched, people’s personal preferences define which brand is more luxurious.

Generally, those who prefer comfort will favor Audi, whereas those who care more for a thrilling driving experience prefer BMW.

What Defines A Luxury Car Brand?

Luxury brands market their products as providing something unique and above the rest. In the context of cars, though there is no defined standard for luxury, several aspects of a car can be worked on to make it superior or luxurious compared to the common car.

Here are aspects of the car that luxury companies emphasize:

  • Beautiful and comfortable interiors
  • Superior engine performance
  • Top-of-the-line car components and materials
  • Innovative technology and reliable safety features
  • High-end sound systems
  • Extravagant dealerships


Audi is undoubtedly a luxury car brand and has been among the top luxury car manufacturers for a long time. The only thing that separates Audi from other luxury car brands, is that it’s easier to test-drive their vehicles.

The car manufacturer fulfills the criteria for a luxury brand by producing cars with elevated engine performance, lavish interiors, elegant exterior designs, and advanced technology.