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7 Real Reasons Why Bugatti Is So Expensive

Since its start in 1909, the Bugatti name became synonymous with high-quality motor vehicles, a trend still alive today. However, though Bugattis are known for being excellent cars, those cars are also known to reach exorbitant prices and are exclusive to the uber-wealthy.

Though we know Bugattis have price tags bigger than most of us could ever afford, today, we investigate why this is the case.

There are various reasons why Bugatti cars are so expensive. Below are the 7 factors that contribute to the price the most:

1. The Exclusivity Of The Car

More than anything else, Bugatti cars are exclusive, which is one of the reasons they have such a high price tag.

There are only 1000 Bugatti cars in the world and as with everything else that has monetary worth, the price tag will also be higher if there is a high demand for something with limited supply.

In the field of supply and demand, Bugatti is king since none of the cars with the Bugatti name attached get mass manufactured and are instead limited to a specific amount.

One example is the Bugatti Veyron, arguably the most well-known of the Bugatti cars because of the headlines it made. It is doubtful that you will get to buy a Veyron in 2022 since all have been sold and are no longer in production.

In addition, even the newer Bugatti variants have predetermined numbers, and once all the cars are made and sold, you will likely not see them sold again.

If you want to become a part of the Bugatti club, you’ll have to pay a lot of money to get a car that is essentially always a limited edition.

The Influence Of Exclusivity:

  • The low rate of production makes all Bugatti cars special
  • The high demand with low supply creates higher prices

2. The Way It’s Built

If you look past the exclusivity of Bugatti cars, one of the other factors contributing to the high asking price is the production method.

Unlike most other car companies that allow their cars to have massive assembly lines and get made mainly through machines, Bugatti cars are entirely hand-assembled.

There is one Bugatti factory, which also limits the number of cars the company can produce in a given time. Still, in addition to this, the quality control from a hand-assembled car is remarkable and adds to the price.

The Influence Of Manufacturing:

  • The price of Bugatti cars is higher since machines do not assemble the cars.
  • Hand assembly allows for greater quality control and care.

3. Where The Car Gets Built

As stated before, there is only one Bugatti factory where the cars are hand assembled, and though most may think this makes no difference, that opinion changes once you realize the factory is in France.

Since the factory is in France, a rather expensive country, the cars’ manufacturing and assembly are already higher costs. Still, there are additional costs, such as transportation of the parts or the cars after assembly.

However, if you have the money to buy a Bugatti, you will also be invited to visit France and tour this isolated factory and its grounds.

The Influence Of Area:

  • Assembly and production in France are more costly, pushing up the price.
  • Other costs like transportation can cause a rise in the price.

4. The Quality Of The Components

With Bugatti being known as a luxury brand and having prices that exceed those of houses, it’s only natural that you would expect the cars to get made from the highest quality materials possible, and you would not be wrong.

Bugatti prides itself on its cars’ craftsmanship, including using the best possible materials. Since Bugatti cars get hand-assembled, it allows more care and better materials to get used than you may find on most other mass-produced cars.

One example of the materials used is the Bugatti Chiron body, made from a high-quality carbon fiber monocoque. In addition, the interior gets made with the highest quality materials like leather and solid aluminium, ensuring quality inside and out.

The Influence Of Materials:

  • High-quality materials cost more and make the car worth more.
  • The monocoque body of Bugatti cars ensures excellent craftsmanship and a higher price.

5. The Great Engines

Bugatti cars are well-known for being record-breaking in their speed and power, and this is because of the meticulous design of the engine you find in every Bugatti car.

Though the original idea was an 18-cylinder engine, the company settled on a 16-cylinder design that made Bugatti some of the fastest and highest-power cars in the world.

Though the Bugatti Veyron is out of production, it was an astonishingly fast car that made cruising a joy while also allowing the driver the sheer excitement of going from 0 to 100 km/h or 0 to 60 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds.

In addition to the 16-cylinder engine, numerous other aspects of the engine make it stand out above the rest, increasing the price of the cars it gets put in.

The fuel injection system got redone to include 32 injection valves, the turbochargers got redone to make them even more powerful, and the engine got redesigned and remade to make the newest Bugatti models even more powerful.

The Influence Of The Engine:

  • The amount of power a Bugatti gives the driver comes at a high price.
  • The meticulous design and work on the engine also result in a higher price.
  • The top speed and acceleration make Bugattis worth the money for anyone who loves speed.

6. The Customization Options

Though buying a Bugatti as is will already set you back a lot of money, if you want any particular customization, this can push the price of the car even higher.

With the luxurious interior of Bugatti cars already being made from the highest quality, if you add some customization to the car, you can expect only the best from that too.

There are reports of customers requesting the use of crocodile leather on the dashboard of their cars, and some even request the use of genuine gold on some interior aspects.

In addition to the regular requests a customer can make, you can change and choose anything from the horse-shoe design on the front of the car to the engine cover color and the rims.

Bugatti cars are incredibly customizable, which means that you get a car that is already exclusive and rare, and you can also make your model unique.

The Influence Of Customization:

  • The number of customizable components and the number of choices can push up the car’s price.
  • If you have special requests that Bugatti accepts, you can expect to pay even more.

7. The Maintenance Costs

Another factor that makes Bugatti one of the most expensive car brands in the world is the cost of maintenance.

There are many claims that the cost of doing an oil change for a Bugatti is as much as buying a whole new car, but this isn’t the only thing that will cost you tons of money.

However, it is essential to note that Bugatti, according to their website, gives away the first four years of regular maintenance and services for free with every new Bugatti purchased.

Naturally, this is one of the reasons why Bugatti cars cost so much since a service can take as long as a week to complete and requires very well-trained staff.

The Influence Of Maintenance:

  • Maintenance gets done by highly-trained staff.
  • A new Bugatti purchase includes the first four years of servicing and maintenance.