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P1101 Code On Chevy Cruze: Meaning & How To Fix

A P1101 fault code on a Chevy Cruze usually means that the car cannot perform a self-test in a critical system known as the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

To find out what the P1101 code means and how to easily fix it, continue reading. 

A P1101 code on a Chevy Cruze indicates an issue with the MAF sensor system. A P1101 code cannot be ignored and will impact your Chevy Cruze’s performance. Cleaning your Chevy Cruze’s MAF sensor system with a system cleaner or replacing it will fix the error code. 

Accurately identifying a P1101 error code on your Chevy Cruze will require the utilization of an OBD2 diagnostics scanner. The P1101 error code can negatively affect your car’s power and fuel consumption, meaning it should be timeously fixed.

This article will help Chevy Cruze owners understand what a P1101 error code means for their car and how to fix it without an outrageous amount of money. 

What A P1011 Code On A Chevy Cruze Means

P1101 error codes on Chevy Cruze’s are known to occur when the car’s Powertrain Control Module (PCM) identifies a critical problem inside the Mass Air Flow (MAF) sensor system. 

A Chevy Cruze’s P1101 error code is challenging to self-identify without running a Key On Engine Running (KOER) diagnostics test.

However, if your Chevy Cruze experiences a sudden loss in power, drivability, or fuel consumption rates, you can safely assume that the problem falls under the stored P1101 trouble code. 

When your Chevy Cruze’s MAF voltage reading is faulty, indicating values that are too high or too low, the PCM test will fail. A P1101 error code will indicate a failed PCM test. If your Chevy Cruze does not pass its internal MAF voltage test, it will immediately reduce its performance and drivability for safety purposes. 

The P1101 trouble code will be demonstrated by the illumination of the car’s engine light, unusually rough idling, erratic start-up performances, and reduced fuel consumption statistics.

Fixing a Chevy Cruze’s P1101 fault code will require mechanics to run a MAF system cleaning process or replace the entire MAF system, which we will go through in this article.

How To Identify A P1101 Fault Code

The easiest and most reliable way to identify a P1101 fault code on your Chevy Cruze is by using an OBD2 scanner. 

An OBD2 diagnostics scanner will analyze your Chevy Cruze’s Powertrain Control Module for notable faults. In addition, an OBD2 diagnostics scanner will allow mechanics to perform a MAF system reset, which will usually solve the P1101 fault error code completely. 

However, a P1101 error code can be reliably identified without using an OBD2 scanner. Usually, a P1101 error code will display symptoms that car owners and mechanics can easily identify.

The most obvious symptom is an engine light warning, illuminating your Chevy Cruze’s dashboard when the car is experiencing a P1101 trouble code. 

Also, if your Chevy Cruze has a P1101 error code, its general performance, engine performance, and power will be significantly reduced. If your Chevy Cruze suddenly starts erratically, it can indicate a P1101 error code. 

While your Chevy Cruze will have less power and performance when it has a P1101 fault, its usual fuel economy rates will be substantially minimized.

If your Chevy Cruze displays any or all of the aforementioned physical symptoms, the issue can likely be traced directly back to a P1101 fault in the car’s MAF system sensor. 

Is A P1101 Error Code A Serious Issue? 

A Chevy Cruze displaying symptoms of a P1101 error code can still be operated by its owner. However, the car’s performance, fuel economy rates, and idling abilities will be significantly reduced. 

While a P1101 error code is not as serious as other car troubles, the MAF system sensor is a critical component of any Chevy Cruze car. A P1101 fault code will likely result in your Chevy Cruze experiencing a rough start, idle, lowered engine performance, and decreased fuel economy rates. 

Despite not being the most serious issue on Chevy Cruze’s globally, a P1101 error code should be professionally fixed as soon as possible, or it could lead to costly engine repairs. Trust me, I’ve been there…

How To Fix A P1101 Code On A Chevy Cruze

To fix a P1101 fault code fully and permanently on your Chevy Cruze, you must take the car to a professional mechanic.

The cause of a P1101 error code can usually be traced back to a faulty MAF system sensor. Usually, a signal sent by the car’s PCM test will not pass through the MAF system sensor, resulting in the frustrating P1101 error code persisting. 

Professional mechanics must follow a specific process to fix the P1101 code, meaning that car owners can unfortunately not clear the code themselves. 

The first step of the P1101 code-clearing process will involve a mechanic repairing or replacing damaged, faulty, or detached connectors, wiring, or other components found within the MAF sensor harness.

If no faulty wires can be located, mechanics should replace or clean the air filter, instantly fixing the error code. 

Chevrolet mechanics have a specialized MAF system sensor cleaning substance. By cleaning the MAF system sensor with the specialized cleaner and letting it dry, the P1101 error can be fixed. Occasionally, leaks within the MAF system sensor are visible, which can be easily repaired. 

After attempting the previous steps, the P1101 fault error should be fixed; however, if the issue remains, the entire MAF system sensor must be replaced.

The last step of the identification process will involve mechanics checking the PCM module for any faults before reprogramming it. 


A Chevy Cruze displaying a P1101 error code can be identified by a rough starting car, poor engine performance, and an unusually rough idle.

The issue can mostly be traced back to a faulty MAF system sensor, which will, unfortunately, require the assistance of a professional mechanic to fully and permanently fix. 

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