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How Much Does A V6 Engine Cost? 

The price of a V6 engine is determined by several factors, and it can be very confusing when you need to purchase a new engine for your vehicle.

There are so many options available, and there are so many price points to consider during this process. How much should a V6 engine cost? How much should you expect to pay when buying a new vs. a used V6? 

A new V6 engine typically costs between $5,500 and $7,000. A used V6 can cost as little as $500 but usually costs between $3,000 and $5,000. An exotic or high-performance V6 can cost as much as $20,000 or more, but simple domestic V6s are far more affordable. 

Understanding the pricing for V6 engines is challenging and requires some insider information to make the best choice.

There are several ways to approach buying an engine like this, so let’s explore what the options are and what you should look out for when buying a V6 motor.

The Price of a V6 Engine

The price of a V6 engine varies greatly, depending on several factors, but the most important determining factor regarding price is whether the engine is new or pre-owned. 

A brand-new V6 engine will always cost significantly more than a used V6 motor, even if the engines are of the same brand and are both in good condition. 

For this reason, it is important to consider the prices of used and new V6 engines separately, as the pricing structures for these engines vary so vastly. 

If you are considering buying a V6 or if you need a replacement for your car, this is among the most important factors to consider. 

How Much Does A New V6 Engine Cost?

A new V6 engine costs substantially more than a used version of the same motor. Every version of the V6 will cost more than smaller engines, such as 4-cylinder engines, and less than larger engines, such as a V8 or V10, but they can still be very expensive, depending on the brand and sophistication of the engine. 

A new V6 engine typically starts from around $5,500, depending on the brand. A standard, domestic engine that is not too sophisticated and does not use exotic or expensive materials typically costs between $5,500 and $7,000. 

However, a sophisticated or high-performance engine for a sports car, an exotic car, or a car that has very specific engine requirements may cost as much as $20,000. 

New engines will always run well, they are reliable, they have had no miles put on them, and they come with a long-term warranty, which are the typical reasons for the higher cost of a new engine compared to a used version. 

If you are considering a new V6 for your car, be prepared for a higher price tag. However, the higher cost can be worthwhile, as new engines are very reliable and cheaper to repair if they have a warranty, which significantly mitigates the cost of the engine and provides peace of mind when driving. 

How Much Does A Used V6 Engine Cost?

Used V6 engines have a significantly broader price range than new versions. A pre-owned V6 can cost as little as $500 dollar in some instances, or they can cost several thousand dollars, depending on the engine. 

Older, smaller, and less sophisticated engines that are easy to find and easy to repair are much more affordable than newer, more complex engines. The condition of the engine also plays a significant role in its price. 

An engine that has several thousand miles on it or an engine that is not in good condition can be very cheap, which is why some can cost as little as $500. A V6 at this price is typically not in good condition, or it has something on it that must be repaired before the engine will run. 

However, a good V6 in immaculate condition with low miles on it can cost up to around $6,000 for a domestic engine and in excess of $10,000 for a high-performance or exotic engine. 

The factors that determine the overall cost of a used V6 are similar to those of a new engine, but older or pre-owned engines have specific factors to consider, such as mileage, engine condition, engine damage, and engine availability. 

What Determines The Price Of A V6 Engine?

The price of V6 engines varies widely. The lowest price for a V6 can be as low as $500, or it can cost tens of thousands of dollars. This vast range of prices is determined by several factors, and understanding what affects the price is critical when buying a V6. 

Regardless of the V6, you want to buy, understanding the pricing of these engines and what to look out for when buying an engine like this is the best way to get the most motor for your money. 

Here are some of the most important factors that determine the price of a V6 engine:

Engine Brand

The engine brand is a significant factor in the pricing structure of V6 engines. Some brands and manufacturers produce very expensive engines, and some brands have better reputations for reliability and high performance, which increases the price of the engines they sell. 

Some brands produce lower-quality engines or have poor reputations for reliability and performance, and this is reflected in the price of the engines, regardless of their condition. 

If you want the best engine for your money, consider buying an engine that is as reliable as possible, as easy to repair as possible, and an engine that will last as long as possible. 

Engine Specifications And Materials

Not all V6 engines are equal. Every form of the V6 engine has its own specifications and is made from different materials. These specifications and materials drastically affect the price of the engine. 

If a V6 is made from exotic materials or high-value materials such as stainless steel, it will inherently cost more than engines made from cheaper materials or will lower performance specifications.

Engine Sophistication

Engine sophistication is the quality of the engine, the complexity of the engine, the features of the engine, and the tolerances that the engine components are made to. 

An engine that has a high level of sophistication, typically high-performance or luxury engines, are always more expensive than simple engines. 

Very sophisticated V6s cost so much more because there is much more that goes into the engine, and the engine is much more complicated to produce. 

Simple engines are quick and cheap to produce, even V6 engines, and this is reflected in the price of the engine, regardless of its condition. 

Engine Availability

Some V6 engines are very easily available, and others are exceedingly rare. The availability of the engine is a critical factor in the price of the engine. 

An engine that is very rare or very specific can cost a lot to buy, even in used condition. Some vehicles require very specific engines to run, and rare V6 engines can cost thousands of dollars more than comparable engines that are common. 

Readily available V6 engines are much cheaper because there is a high supply of them. These engines may cost hundreds of dollars less than less common versions of the same V6. 

If you want the bet value from your V6 purchase, try to find an engine that is commonly available. These engines are the cheapest to buy, typically the most reliable, and much easier to repair and maintain due to the availability of engine parts. 

Mileage On The Engine

The final factor to consider when investigating the price of a V6 is the mileage of the engine. This is only applicable to used engines, but it is an important factor. 

An engine that has done 100,000 is much cheaper than an engine that has done 1,000 miles, as the engines is more likely to be worn and have more parts that require maintenance or repair. 

However, some engines last very well, and mileage is less of a factor than with engines that do not age well or engines that are less reliable. 

Nevertheless, if you want a good use engine, look for something with the lowest mileage possible. It will cost more initially, but it will cost less to run and maintain over time. 


The cost of a V6 is determined by mileage, availability, complexity, sophistication, reliability, and the parts that make up the engine.

The price of a V6 can range from $500 to $20,000, varying based on its specifications. While this may appear substantial, it pales in comparison to the cost of a V12, which can be priced as high as $100,000.

Take the time to explore the V6 market for yourself before making a purchase, and you will find the perfect engine for your requirements.