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P1564 Error Code On Nissan (Solved)

Getting an error code on an electronic device, whether a standard computer or a car, can be frustrating, especially when you do not know what the error code means, its cause, or how to fix it. This article is for Nissan owners whose vehicle has given them a P1564 error code.

The P1564 error code in a Nissan refers to an issue with the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD), also known as the cruise control system. The P1564 code indicates a problem with a fuse, the ASCD switch, the wiring harness, or Engine Control Module. It is relatively inexpensive to fix the issue.

The P1564 error code on a Nissan is not too serious of a problem. Depending on your knowledge of cars, motivation, and time available, you could take the matter into your own hands or have the problem resolved at your local garage.

Here is what the Nissan P1564 code means, its common causes, and how to fix it.

What Does The P1564 Code Mean On Nissan?

Depending on your Nissan model, you may get slight variations of this error code. Some cars will display it simply as the “P1564” code, while others will display the code followed by a set of letters and numbers.

However, the P1564 code and its variations have a universal meaning; something must be corrected with the Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD), also known as cruise control.

Simply put, your Nissan’s onboard Engine Control Module (ECM) has identified a fault in one (or more) of ASCD components and is relaying this information via displaying the P1564 Code.

So, the most likely scenario is that something is wrong with the cruise control system, but the Nissan cruise control is made up of various mechanisms. You will need to investigate further to determine which ASCD component needs fixing (or replacement).

What Are The Common Causes Of A P1564 Code In Nissan?

There are several possible reasons your Nissan is giving you a P1564 error code since various components make up a Nissan’s cruise control system built into the car’s steering wheel.

Here is every possible cause that could trigger a P1564 error code:

  • There is a faulty fuse
  • The ASCD steering switch is faulty (the most common cause)
  • The wiring harness is faulty
  • The Engine Control Module (ECM) is faulty

It is important to remember that the problem could be as simple as a bad or blown fuse, so you should double-check that none of your fuses have blown before doing anything else.

How To Fix Issue Related To P1564 Code In Nissan?

There are several ways to resolve the P1564 error code, as the causes can vary. The common fixes include replacing the ASCD steering switch, repairing the ASCD wiring, and replacing the ECM.

Replacing The Nissan’s ASCD Steering Switch

The most common causes relate to a fault in the ASCD steering switch; replacing this switch is the top-reported way to resolve the P1564 error.

The ASCD steering switch is the cruise control switch built into the Nissan dashboard. Their look will vary depending on the Nissan model, but they are usually fitted inside the steering wheel.

Fortunately, for DIY car repairers looking to replace this part, Nissan ASCD steering switches can be found on eBay and Amazon.

Prices can vary depending on the switch design, but you are looking at a purchase between forty and ninety dollars.

Test A Nissan’s ASCD Wiring

There is a chance that replacing the ASCD steering switch won’t solve the issue. In that case, the issue could be related to the wiring or the harness. So, it is perhaps better to test the wiring before replacing the ASCD steering switch.

As mentioned, replacing the switch often solves the issue, but it could be needless spending to get a new ASCD steering switch and only then find out that the issue lies elsewhere.

To test the wiring, you first need to grab your Nissan manual or look it up on the internet. You can test your switch’s voltage output using a meter to see if it matches the factory specifications. If the values do not match, the harness/wiring is probably to blame for the P1564 error code.

Below is an example of the excepted voltage output from the ASCD steering switch components for the 2004 Nissan Pathfinder LE.

 ConditionData (DC Voltage)
ASCD Steering switch[Ignition switch ON] ASCD steering switch: OFFApproximately 4V
[Ignition switch ON] Main switch: PressedApproximately 0V
[Ignition switch ON] CANCEL switch: PressedApproximately 1V
[Ignition switch ON] SET/COAST switch: PressedApproximately 2V
[Ignition switch ON] RESUME/ACCEL switch: PressedApproximately 3V

If you get the correct voltages, you can assume that the issue is unrelated to the wiring. You should have the module (ASCD Steering switch) replaced in that case.

Small Chance That The ECM Needs A Replacement In Nissan

There is also a chance that the ECM is faulty and is the root cause of the P1564 issue. If that is the case, the standard procedure is to replace the ECM.

However, you should first check that the issue is unrelated to the ASCD steering switch or wiring.

What Is The Cost To Diagnose And Fix A P1564 Code On Nissan?

It should take an hour for a professional to uncover the cause behind a P1564 Nissan error code. You can do this yourself, but it will likely take more time and effort.

The cost of diagnosis will vary depending on the repair shop, but you are likely to pay between seventy and a hundred and fifty dollars.

Diagnosing the problem involves inspecting the car fuses, checking the ASDC wiring harness, and dismantling the steering wheel. If you are uncomfortable doing that, it is best to leave it to a professional.


The P1564 error code is not related to a serious issue. The code refers to an issue regarding Nissan’s Automatic Speed Control Device (ASCD).

In most cases, replacing the ASCD cruise control switch solves the issue, but the wiring harness may still be at fault. The issue may also be related to the Engine Control Module (ECM).