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9 Hardest Cars To Drive

Driving skill does play a considerable part in classifying vehicle drivability; for example, experience, changing lanes, and parallel parking.

However, vehicle characteristics like getting in and out, maneuverability, and size can be a dealbreaker. So, equipped with this knowledge, we listed the hardest cars to drive.

Here are the 9 hardest cars to drive in the world.

1. Smart Fortwo

  • Base Price: $14,650
  • Horsepower: 89HP

Minor must be easy, they say. Although you can’t buy a new Smart Fortwo in the US, you can still pick them up on used car lots. They are ideal for beginners, cheap, and economical.

But, on average, they are one of the most challenging cars to drive. Firstly, you feel cramped, vulnerable, and exposed – like being left on the playground with bullies.

Secondly, this little car ticked most of the hard-to-drive boxes, ranging from getting in and out to size. On the upside, it does maneuver and parks quickly.

Still, these considerations constitute only a tiny percentage of your daily driving experience. For the rest, it is hard and scary. For the average American, walking to your destination would be easier than getting into the car.

Then, when shopping is on your chores list, you have another problem. You and your handbag will occupy almost all the space, and the supermarket will probably have to deliver your groceries.

Even the doors are small, and the seating is penguin-upright style. The headroom is alright, but you may touch the passenger unintentionally instead of making gear selections.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • It is a tiny car
  • Getting in and out of the car
  • Too upright seating

2. Reliant Robin 3 Wheel

  • Base Price: $10,000
  • Horsepower: 40HP

Although production ended in 2002, you may find one or two of these weird three-wheel cars owned and driven by US collectors. You may argue that it is not a car but a tricycle or three-wheeler.

Except for having only three wheels, it is still a car in every way, okay, a tricycle car. However, imagine driving it and taking corners with your heart stopping or missing a beat.

It is a lightweight car fitted with an 850cc motor with a top speed of over 70mph. The latest manufactured Robins came with a re-engineered gearbox, new dash and interior styling, and leather upholstery. Add a standard sunroof to the mix, and you have a lovely, funny little car that is still hard to drive.

This wide-nose tri-car seats two people and is less stable than a three-wheel motorbike. In addition, the weight distribution and steering traction created a rollover-prone vehicle in hard turns.

Therefore, not only the risk when driving a Robin but the required amount of concentration and control makes it one of the most complicated cards to drive.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Three-wheel design
  • Limited control while turning

3. Lamborghini Countach

  • Base Price: $2,640,000
  • Horsepower: 802HP

This hard-to-drive contestant has two complicated things: hard to find and hard to drive. It is every person’s dream and a driving experience to remember.

However, people said it was easy to operate. If you couple the vehicle’s power, noise, adrenalin, and stress, you are in for one of the most challenging but lovely drives you can imagine.

The main stumbling block is the low profile of the car. With your seating only a few inches from the tarmac, you will need help seeing beyond the vehicles in front and behind. Okay, there should not be a vehicle in front of you. You are driving a Lamborghini, aren’t you? Well, you get my point.

In addition, it is a sports car, with more power you can control and sensitive steering. It is not difficult to drive, but the hard part is to take it easy and not let go of all your inhibitions.

Guaranteed, you will want to push down on the pedal a little and then a little more. Once you have overcome this urge, the next tricky part steps up – stress. You are driving a multi-million-dollar car, and what if?

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Low profile
  • Power and stress

4. Dodger Challenger SRT Hellcat

  • Base Price: $64,830
  • Horsepower: 717HP

Americans are used to muscle cars, so what makes the Hellcat so hard to drive? It is like a boat on land with the speed and power of a fighter plane.

The 4,500 lbs. engine boasts more than 700 horsepower and will displace you from 0-60 in under 4 seconds. So now you are here, and a few seconds later, you are there. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will.

You need to be careful with all that power on the rear wheels – spinning out is easy, and in rainy or snowy conditions, you need to know what you are doing to stay in control. So, slow and easy is critical, so why drive this car? Okay, just until you get the hang of all the power and can say this car is not hard to navigate.

Oh boy, it is fun but challenging, as you need to get comfortable with this monster’s bulky speed and power. Again, taking corners will emphasize your level of driving ability.

Let us be honest; this horsepower output can be challenging for most drivers. Also, you must tap into all your driving experiences to stay in control. For inexperienced drivers, it’s better to stand on the curb.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Pure bulky power
  • Control in tight corners

5. Porsche Carrera GT

  • Base Price: $1,288,008
  • Horsepower: 605HP

The Porsche 911 series has various driving experiences depending on each year’s model. However, all are rear-wheel-drive with the engine behind the rear axle.

A totally different steering experience if you are not used to it. The hard part is to take it slow and get comfortable with the speed and other driving functionalities before you put your elbow out the window and shades on your head.

Porsche, specifically the Carrera GT, has a reputation for being hard to drive. It is true, depending on experience.

One piece of advice is to reduce speed before entering the twists and turns. As mentioned, another hard-to-get-used-to-driving function is the steering, which can be sensitive and difficult to control.

Therefore, the Porsche Carrera GT is a road sports car with speed and power precedence over other functions. Also, add the unusual weight distribution; you have one of the hardest cars to drive. However, hard doesn’t equate to negativity.

Still, it is merely an indication to keep your wits while behind the steer of this heartbreaker. So stay calm and prove the window-maker connotation untrue.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Unusual weight distribution
  • Rear-wheel drive

6. Corvette Z06

  • Base Price: $109,295
  • Horsepower: 670HP

Another American muscle car that makes the driver thrives on noise and power but requires a lot of respect. That is where the difficulty or hard-to-drive becomes more apparent. The 5.5-liter V-8 engine delivers 670 horsepower at 8500 rpm.

Therefore, use the throttle pedal sparingly, or you may change the fun drive into a where-am-I situation. Misusing this car’s HP will result in a violent reaction.

The Z06 doesn’t like sudden and severe inputs and will attempt to correct any driver mistakes within limits. However, learning the available modes and transmission ratios will take time.

For example, run in Track Sport 1 mode if you are new to the car or relatively inexperienced. It provides stability control and performance traction management with less aggression.  

It does, however, lack the understeer of some other easier-driven cars. Therefore, the eight-speed auto-transmission and massive torque at low RPM require perfect control if you are an average or inexperienced driver.

Especially coming out or going into corners. So, the hardest part is controlling the backend from swerving away and maintaining control over the power and speed.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Massive torque at low RPM
  • Control the power in and out of turns

7. Cadillac CTS-V

  • Base Price: $87,990
  • Horsepower: 640HP

If you think this four-door & five-passenger car is a typical family sedan, you will be wildly mistaken. Its 6.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine produces 640 horsepower and a similar value torque.

In addition, the traction and stability control will save you on more than one occasion from near-disaster situations. Therefore, never turn these features off as it will resemble you driving on ice without any control.

The CTS-V is a lovely powerful car that is a typical example of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It will be hard to adjust your mind and adapt to driving the eight-speed jet when you accelerate from zero to sixty in below four seconds. In addition, you need concentration to control this monster while nearing the top speed of 200 miles per hour.

So, ease into gaining experience with this powerhouse and enjoy the power, speed, and handling on offer until you are confident. Cadillac knew it may be a tough cookie to crack and included a two-day racetrack performance training session in the purchase price. We highly suggest you accept the offer.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • It’s a big car
  • Power, speed, and torque require getting used to

8. Maserati MC12

  • Base Price: $810,000
  • Horsepower: 621HP

The MC12 is another, if not one, of the rarest, finds to drive. However, if you are one of the 60 or so owners or ever get the opportunity to slip in behind the wheel, count yourself lucky and be very careful.

It is based on the Ferrari Enzo and fitted with the 6.0-liter V12 engine reaching a top speed of 205 miles per hour. Now, sit up straight and listen. It is almost a half-size more prominent than the average F1 options.

So, size and power make a good recipe for trouble. However, the problem in this instance is pure exhilarating fun coupled with a good percentage of difficulty. The MC12 is worth its spot on the nine most challenging cars to drive. Firstly, don’t try and park this beast.

Regardless of how good you are, there is almost no rear visibility. It is beautiful but huge in length and width, with speed written all over its body.

Secondly, everything in this car is significant. The nose and rear overhang, a massive wing, a large diffuser, and intakes on the side. Sliding in behind the steering, you realize it is a doable task, but it will be hard.

The difficulty level is like sitting in a cockpit; you need to control the 624 hp and 481 torque underneath you. The aim is to overcome the difficulty and replace it with indescribable thrust, speed, and thrills.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Enormous in length and width
  • Almost no rear visibility

9. TVR Sagaris

  • Base Price: $100,000
  • Horsepower: 395HP

This TVR will give you a totally different driving experience. It will not be like anything, you know. Driving it resembles its looks – unorthodox, diverse, and a little weird.

You may struggle to pinpoint the driving style as it is a mixture of track and road that ultimately flows into pure mechanical pleasure. These reasons make driving hard as you must constantly adapt until you understand each other.

The V8 power requires careful handling and know-how – in and out of corners, hitting the straight, responding with fierce force, or light power thrusting cruising on the open road. But, again, there is no technical assistance. Just you and the TVR trying to feel each other while learning when to do what.

We are so used to modern vehicles and all the add-on technology brings to the driving experiences that we have forgotten the basic skills and the pleasures that come with those accomplishments.

The TVR is a hard car to drive initially. Still, eventually, with time, your driving skills combine with its mechanics to fuse in a perfect harmonious song.

What Makes It Hard To Drive?

  • Old school, no technology frills
  • Requires more driver care and control