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7 Biggest Ford Models

It is well known that Ford produces some big vehicles. Ford is globally revered for their F150 pickup truck, one of the largest and heaviest cars currently driving on American roads.

If you are searching for the biggest Ford models with appropriate safety features and entertainment systems, we’ve got them all.

Here are the 7 biggest, heaviest, and most practical Ford models:

1. Ford F150 Raptor

  • Weight: 5.950 lbs
  • Length: 232 inches
  • Capacity: 5 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 3.300 lbs

The Ford F150 Raptor is the biggest, heaviest, and most popular Ford car in the United States.

Enormously prevalent in the United States, the entire F150 range out-sells competing cars. The F150 Raptor is the biggest, most powerful, and aesthetically pleasing car Ford currently produces, weighing close to 6.000 lbs. The F150 Raptor comes standard with a 450 horsepower V6 engine, with a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

The F150 sports 39-inch K02 BF Goodrich tires, which most agree is appropriate for the car’s general aesthetic. The F150 Raptor is an absolute monstrosity of a car. However, for all its enormity, the car offers a surprisingly smooth ride. The F150 has an advanced long-travel automatic suspension installed, allowing it to excel on the road and off any beaten track. 

Despite being the most powerful, biggest, and aesthetically appealing car Ford currently produces, it only has a seating capacity for 5 people. While most big Ford car models offer at least 7 seats, the F150 is a pickup truck, meaning that its truck bed capacity is given preference. 

The F150 measures more than 230 inches, rivaling some smaller trucks. However, despite its size, the F150 has become known as a trophy truck that anyone would be fortunate to own one day. 

2. Ford Expedition Max

  • Weight: 5.800 lbs
  • Length: 222 inches
  • Capacity: 7 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 1.800 lbs 

The Ford Expedition Max is easily one of the biggest cars produced by Ford, with the car being an extended version of the traditional Expedition model. 

While the Ford Expedition has always been a long and heavy vehicle, the Expedition Max takes these statistics to the end of the scale. The Ford Expedition Max can easily accommodate 7 passengers and their luggage while maintaining its traditionally exceptional road handling abilities. 

Despite having a smaller maximum payload than other Ford models, such as the Ranger double cab and the F150 Raptor, the Ford Expedition Max was designed for rugged long-distance travel with 5 or more passengers.

Governments mostly utilize the Ford Expedition Max for official state business; Ford does offer various models to the general public. Over the last two decades, the Ford Expedition has gone from strength to strength, clearly demonstrated by its ever-increasing sales numbers. 

The Ford Expedition Max is a bigger and more advanced version of traditional Expedition models. The sheer size and scope of the Ford Expedition Max mean that if you require a large, comfortable, and reliable people carrier, the Expedition Max is your car. 

3. Ford Galaxy

  • Weight: 3.450 lbs
  • Length: 191 inches
  • Capacity: 7 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 1.450 lbs

First introduced in the mid-1990s, the Ford Galaxy targeted people requiring additional storage and passenger space. The Ford Galaxy can easily fit 7 passengers and is longer than 190 inches. 

The Ford Galaxy is known for being a spacious car, allowing owners to easily transport 7 passengers and all their luggage over long distances. However, similar to most van-based cars, the maximum payload and luggage space is relatively small. 

The Ford Galaxy has a maximum payload of 1.450 lbs, also known as the luggage capacity. When considering all the positive and negative aspects associated with the Ford Galaxy, it becomes clear that the car remains the most practical and convenient people carrier that Ford currently offers. 

Moreover, the Ford Galaxy excels when traveling long distances and carrying 5 or more people. In addition, the interior can be reconfigured in numerous ways, which can be achieved by using the dynamic Ford folding mechanism. 

If you are traveling with 7 passengers in your Ford Galaxy, the storage space will be less than when you only have 5 passengers on your journey. The 2.0l diesel and stylish interior combined with the Ford Galaxy’s enormous size make this a dream car for long-distance travel. 

4. Ford Transit 9-Seater

  • Weight: 5.500 lbs
  • Length: 210 inches
  • Capacity: 9 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 5.110 lbs

The Ford Transit is the most common van in America. Over its lengthy lifespan, many thousands of Ford Transit vans have been sold to satisfied consumers. 

While the Ford Transit has traditionally been used as a van for carrying enormous amounts of luggage or other material. However, Ford has recently introduced a 9-seater passenger version. The Ford Transit, 9-seater edition, is the longest non-pickup vehicle Ford has ever produced. In addition, it is also one of the heaviest, weighing a startling 5.500 lbs. 

Despite being one of Ford’s biggest and heaviest vehicles, the Transit 9-seater has remarkable road handling for its size. Furthermore, the interior of the 9-seater edition has a luxurious and spacious feel, with the accompanying technology being more than sufficient. 

American consumers can purchase a Ford Transit van in many different configurations, although the 9-seater edition is currently the biggest one the car-making giant offers. 

5. Ford Ranger Double Cab

  • Weight: 4.500 lbs
  • Length: 212 inches
  • Capacity: 5 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 3.000 lbs

The Ford Ranger double cab edition is an enormous vehicle designed to compete directly with other four-by-four giants such as the Nissan Navara, VW Amarok, and Toyota Hilux. 

While the Ford Ranger double cab was never the most popular or stylish car Ford ever sold, the latest edition has become significantly prevalent in many American states. The Ford ranger double cab is a workhorse vehicle originally designed for farming or other commercial business tax breaks. 

However, the Ford Ranger double cab has received substantial and consistent spec upgrades. The Ford Ranger double cab’s sales have increased so dramatically that it will soon outsell all its major direct competitors. 

This model’s design makes it family-friendly, especially as the seating configuration can be effortlessly customized. One of the Ford Ranger double cabs’ main selling points is its size; however, the car can easily travel through water of depths up to 3 feet. 

6. Ford Tourneo Custom

  • Weight: 5.200 lbs
  • Length: 212 inches
  • Capacity: 9 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 3.300 lbs 

Ford is globally revered for their people-carrying cars, which the company designed and manufactured from the start, with most of them being on the larger side. 

Recently Ford has allowed its customers to customize its more practical vans into desirable people carriers. Currently, Ford sells three separate Tourneo models known as Connect, Courier, and Custom. The Ford Tourneo Custom is the largest of the three models, weighing more than 5.000 lbs while being more than 212 inches in length. 

The Ford Tourneo Custom van is similar in design and specifications to the traditional Ford Transit van. However, the Tourneo Custom sports a more stylish interior and exterior, directly appealing to customers requiring large, luxurious, and sophisticated people carriers. 

Moreover, the Ford Tourneo can be extensively modified, with the interior becoming the owner’s sole choice. The biggest and most spacious Ford Tourneo model allows customers to easily seat 9 passengers while having ample room for their luggage and comfort. 

The back rows can be folded down, giving the Ford Tourneo Custom additional space to house anything your heart desires. Despite the road noise being more significant than other Ford SUV models, the Tourneo custom sheer size cannot be beaten. 

7. Ford Mondeo Estate

  • Weight: 3.470 lbs
  • Length: 210 inches
  • Capacity: 7 passengers
  • Maximum Payload: 1.800 lbs

The Ford Mondeo Estate is the biggest and longest estate car produced by Ford, replacing the Ford Scorpio, which was scrapped over 20 years ago. 

Initially, the Ford Mondeo Estate was designed to fill a notable gap between the company’s smaller estate cars and their enormous people carriers. While the Ford Mondeo Estate may seem like an odd choice for a large-people carrier, it has proven incredibly popular in the United States. 

Despite having less payload capacity and seating capacity than its direct competitors, the Skoda Superb and the Volkswagen Passat, the Ford Mondeo Estate easily outsells them. This is due to the Ford Mondeo Estate’s remarkable boot capacity combined with a stylish and desirable interior. 

The Ford Mondeo Estate was produced as an estate-styled car that can effortlessly carry two extra passengers and their luggage. The Ford Mondeo Estate has enough space to accommodate a family of 5 and all their requirements while maintaining its exceptional road handling characteristics.