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862 Heads Are The Best (Here’s Why)

Choosing the correct cylinder head for your car is critical as they are any vehicle’s most essential component.

A cylinder head is directly responsible for influencing your car engine’s efficiency, meaning it should be durable enough to constantly endure immense pressures and temperatures. Cylinder heads that do not alter their form or shape during operations will enhance your car’s performance. 

862 cylinder heads are thought of as being the industry leader. 862 cylinder heads’ popularity can be traced to their robust and durable casting, preventing them from altering their shape during intense engine operations. They are also lightweight, improving fuel efficiency ratings. 

While the automotive component industry is enormously competitive, 862 cylinder heads are accepted as being the best option currently available to consumers.

Due to the 862-cylinder heads’ unique design, it can provide additional airflow, instantly dissipating heat while enhancing fuel economy statistics. Is the latest 862-cylinder head the appropriate choice for your car? Continue reading to find out. 

Why Is The 862 Head Considered The Best Cylinder?

Despite numerous high-quality automotive components and cylinder heads being sold at competitive prices, many industry experts agree that the 862 cylinder- heads are currently the best. 

The 862 cylinder heads were initially designed to allow more air to flow into the main cylinder. The enhanced airflow enables the cylinder to deploy the car’s fuel more efficiently while maintaining a consistent combustion process. 

The 862’s durable, robust, and lightweight design allows it to withstand high engine pressures and temperatures effortlessly, significantly benefitting the car’s general performance. While 862 heads can be seamlessly installed into most cars, it is often found in high-performance and race cars. 

What Makes 862 Cylinder Heads Unique?

General Motors, one of the biggest car-making companies globally, designed and currently manufactures all 862 cylinder heads. 

A unique aspect of General Motors’ initial design can be found in the sand-casting manufacturing process. The process enables the 862 heads to provide additional air compression compared to similar competing products. 

The 862 heads’ compression ratio is known to be higher and more advanced than any similar product currently available on the market. The improved compression ratio allows the 862 cylinders to withstand more engine pressure and heat, demonstrated by the incredibly high heat dissipation rate and ignition speed. 

A car’s combustion process largely relies on its specific cylinder heads’ performance. If the performance is high, which is the case for 862 heads, the car’s combustion process will operate with added efficiency and smoothness. 

Initially, General Motors designed the 862-cylinder heads to seamlessly integrate with LM4, LR4, and LM7 engines. In addition, the 862 heads should be placed above the engine block, with the design effectively covering the cylinders while simultaneously creating an energy-generating combustion chamber. 

The main advantage of the 862 cylinder heads is demonstrated by their ability to remain tightly sealed while having enough space to direct air and fuel directly into the cylinders’ chamber. 

862 Cylinder Heads’ Specifications And Features

Component Number12559863
MaterialsMost 862 cylinder heads are produced using aluminum, while the rest utilize stainless steel.
Exhaust Port Shape/IntakeExhaust: D-Port; Intake: Cathedral
Exhaust Port Volume/IntakeExhaust- 70 cc; Intake- 200 cc
Volume of the Combustion chamber62 cc
Exhaust valve meter/intakeExhaust- 1.5 inches; Intake- 1.9 inches
Air compression ratio9:5:1

What Makes 862 Cylinder Heads So Popular?

It is accepted that General Motors created industry-leading cylinder heads with their 862 head editions.

However, the main distinguishing feature of the 862 cylinder head design is its unique ability to dramatically enhance air compression delivered following porting.

While some may argue that the 243 heads are better, 862 heads deliver improved airflow, quality, performance, and power.

Moreover, 862-cylinder heads are compatible with many cars. Other competing cylinder heads are less compatible due to their design characteristics, lowering their prevalence and popularity among car enthusiasts globally.

While the 862-cylinder heads are best suited for high-performance or racing cars, they can be seamlessly attached to most cars on the roads. The 862 heads’ design is relatively simple, making it inexpensive to maintain, easy to access, and straightforward to repair minor damage.

The 862 cylinder heads’ robust yet simple design indicates why it has become so popular among car enthusiasts, racing drivers, and mechanics globally.

Here at VehicleHelp, we predict that the 862 heads will become increasingly popular and widespread due to their incredibly appealing characteristics.

Is It Worth Purchasing 862 Cylinder Heads?

If you own a General Motors car that comes standard with an LM7 engine, then the 862-cylinder heads are the most appropriate due to their unique, robust, and lightweight design.

Despite many people assuming that the 862-cylinder head is only compatible with high-performance General Motors Vehicles, it is appropriately functional across numerous other models.

While it is accurate to presume that the 862-cylinder head performs better with a higher-performing General Motor engine, it has been demonstrated that the cylinder heads experience optimal operations in any SUV or truck produced between the early 1990s and 2007.

If you own any General Motors Express, Avalanche, Sierra, Silverado, and Yukon vehicle models, the 862-cylinder head is, by some distance, the best choice you could make.

When the original 862 cylinder head was designed in the early 1990s, it was mostly comprised of heavy and cumbersome iron blocks; however, since General Motors started using stainless steel or aluminum as the 862 cylinder heads’ main structural material, the cylinder head’s associated performance has dramatically increased.

The modern design has allowed car owners globally to experience significantly enhanced and robust engine performance while the lightweight design decreases the cars’ average fuel consumption rate.

While some car journalists have criticized the 862 cylinder heads, it remains the best choice due to their industry-leading design and characteristics.


862 cylinder heads are not good; they are exceptional. Among car enthusiasts, the 862-cylinder head remains the most popular choice for high-performance cars and larger trucks, as it can constantly maintain optimal functionality despite experiencing significant engine heat and pressure.

Most agree that purchasing an 862-cylinder head will be the best decision you could ever make for your car.